Summer Learning Opportunities!

What can families do about summer learning?

  • Visit the public library to check out books, attend read-aloud sessions, and participate in summer reading programs.
  • Have a routine time for reading with your child.
  • Discuss what your child is reading.
  • Set goals and make a list of books that your child intends to read over the summer.
  • Be a reader and writer yourself. Share what you are reading with your children.
  • Read aloud to your reader.
  • Encourage your child to choose the books she or he reads. Self-selection is important for motivation.
  • Help your child choose books that are “comfortable” reads. Listen to him or her read aloud a page or two and determine if he or she can read the words easily.
  • Read a variety of print materials including books, poetry, and joke books, magazines, websites, vacation brochures, newspapers, travel books, sports pages, etc.
  • Encourage your child to write – postcards, letters, emails, journals and sticky notes.
  • Check out the APS Library Services website for summer eBooks and other reading links.
  • Visit the websites listed under Summer Reading Websites, Book Lists for Students, and Summer Reading Tips for additional summer reading fun ideas!