Back to School Planning APS is planning for the return to school in August for the 2020-21 school year, based on guidance from the VDOE. Information will be updated throughout the summer.    

Summer Learning Opportunities! What can families do about summer learning? Visit the public library to check out books, attend read-aloud sessions, and participate in summer reading programs. Have a routine time for reading with your child. Discuss what your child is reading. Set goals and make a list of books that your child intends to read over […]

Learning at Home

Resources for learning at home:

Free Lunch and Breakfast Pick Up

Information and Resources / Informacion y Recursos Information and Resources for families needing additional assistance during COVID-19 closures.

Monday-Friday on Microsoft Teams: Teachers Available at Different Times for Tutoring and Join Mr. B at 12:30 pm for Words of Encouragement!

A message from New Directions:Beginning on Wednesday, please have your student join us each school day at 12:30pm at the website below.  Mr. B will lead the students in the moment of silence and give words of encouragement.  Students can also download “Microsoft Teams” on to their phones to watch as well. A partir del […]

New Directions’ Vision and Mission!

Vision: Creating productive citizens one child at a time. Mission: In collaboration with community resources, we will provide support for responsible decision making and on-time graduation.  

Summer Learning Opportunities!

Welcome to summer! Click the link for ideas on how to enhance learning throughout the summer.

Substance Abuse Resources

Below are resources for substance abuse: Videos: Webpage:  

Suicide Prevention Awareness

CLICK LINK FOR RESOURCES: In Crisis-Need Help Now? If you are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm during school hours, notify your counselor, teacher, administrator. If you are having suicidal or self-harm ideation outside of school hours, speak with a family member or trusted adult to communicate how you feel. Use the resources listed below. If […]